Monday, 20 May 2013

Battle Report, Chaos Gribblies vs Pointy Eared Snacks

Had a rematch game against Jarryd yesterday, 1850 points, hammer and anvil (again), and relic for an objective. I was fielding my chaos gribbly army again and he fielded his vemom spam list with some proxied eldar corsair allies.

What i saw :)
note the big based raiders were on the left a warp hunter and on the right a falcon, prince elfing the quadgun and some missile launcher toting corsairs

what he saw, minus the heldrake and some cultists hiding in reserve, nurglings leading the charge as always

 first turn he gakked the one maulerfiend and put some wounds on some beasties. i ran forward

 thirster got grounded first time and then shredded by venoms, normal spawn squad deleted, hullpoint taken off vindicator, lord of khorne on jugger got one venom

 sorry should have documented this better, but basically i killed a few more venoms and pretty much everything else got systematically erased out of existence. i called the game turn 5, only had my nurglings left :) heck of a nice fight, good practice

Friday, 17 May 2013

Skullkrushers of Khorne

And entering the field of battle is the latest unit in my army, my scratchbuilt skullcrushers of khorne :)


Monday, 6 May 2013

Nurgle Chaos Spawn, how to represent the mark

in my chaos army i will be running 1 squad of nurgle marked chaos spawn as well as 1 squad of normal unmarked chaos spawn. was a bit worried about how i would mark the difference then i came up with this idea ;)