Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wings for the Dark Gods

Started work on some wings for my daemon prince of khorne, as he's tired of his little cardboard butterfly wings that get him killed the whole time. I swear those wings are the cause of all his misfortune so new wings for him :) here is where i am at so far



Monday, 25 February 2013

Spawn Detected

Very soon i shall receive the base models that i want to use for my chaos spawn conversions and that forced me to decide on a basing theme for my chaos army. Afer several naps and snacks to aid the thinking process i decided on the following 

beachsand mixed with gravel from the road 

some tech-looking pieces of rubble


and there we have it, 10 unique bases for my spawn models


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Project HelBudgie continued

 finally got all the cables glued on that i want on my helbudgie, probably used too much without proper artistic placing of said cables but hey, it's chaos, that is how we roll :)

 now i just have to aquire a maulerfiend chest plate from somewhere

Monday, 18 February 2013

All your basing R belong to US

Now ladies and germs, have a look at this photo of what a part of the road looked like after a heavy rain. Notice all the nice little rocky bits? Cheaper you can't get. But how you say does it go from the road to your miniature base? here is my quick and easy solution

cut a decent sized hole in the bottom of an empty plastic container. in this case i used an old margarine tub.

now make some filters by drilling loads and loads of holes into pieces of plasticard that has been cut to fit into the bottom of the plastic container

 like so :)

 now just take your mixed road gravel and in stages sift the different sizes of little rocks apart until you have many different sizes of little rocks to use for all your basing needs

Friday, 15 February 2013

Day of the Tentacle

went shopping for some needed food after work today and came across this little jewel

now add a little kneadatite


Project HelBudgie continued

got some more work done on my internet inspired heldrake conversion

decided to magnetise the back legs but that didn't work out

hello sexy wings :)

still a lot of work that needs to be done to my pretty budgie but things are finally coming along nicely

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hobby update 11/02/2013

Been a while since i posted any hobby progress updates, mainly due to me being lazy. Due mainly to being slightly cashstrapped of late i've been looking into alternative conversions and whatnot to get the models i want into my army of choice, right now that being chaos.

A while ago i saw an awesome conversion / scratchbuild over at Dark Future Games where they took a zombie dragon and turned it into a very decent heldrake alternative so i've been scrounging bits and finally decided this weekend to make a start on it. Here is the address to the original post that i'm shameless stealing :)

 Some steps have been skipped, just basic gluing together of the torso bits and the maulerfiend lasher tendril somehow didn't make it into the group photo :)

Had the wrong neck here, so had to do some cutting
 Pin the tail on the donkey, oops i mean heldrake

Cut the neck too short so had to do some pinning and praying here also

ok now i need a pair of wings. normally a pair of zombie dragon wings are used, because the look awesome, but i'm broke so i decided to resort to some old sprue, masking tape, toilet paper and glue :) 

lastly i scrounged through my bitsbox and made a start on 2 squads of 10 man chaos cultists