Friday, 14 December 2012

Terrain WIP Update 14/12/12

managed to finish drybrushing the base layer of grey onto my rock terrain section, so just the final layer of lighter grey left then it should be done 


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Terrain WIP update 13/12/12

got a wee bit of work done last night, roll on the weekend so i can get stuck into making my nice big workbench so i actually have a decent surface area to hobby on.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Terrain WIP Update 12/12/12

whilst waiting for either the zombie or mayan apocalypse to come knocking on my door i decided to get started on another forest piece of terrain. this time i covered all the holes and what not in there with that white powder stuff you mix with water to fill in small holes in walls (hereafter referred to only as polyfilla)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Terrain WIP update 11/12/12

it's raining like nobodies business here where i live so yesterday morning before i went to work i gave the one piece of terrain a heavy black wash and when i got home it was still wet so had i had to apply a fan to the piece just to get it dry so i could start drybrushing. not done but here is where i'm at


Monday, 10 December 2012

Terrain WIP update

Many thanks to my favourite dog who lives down the street for yet again waking me up at 2 am. this time it happened to be on saturday morning, so i made some coffee and got down to some hobbying. many hours later i looked with pride and what i had accomplished. not all that much, but enough to reward myself with a quick catnap. bad idea as i was supposed to go watch a large IG on IG tank battle but when it starts at 12 and you wake up at 3 that sorta goes out the window.

 First up is my forested hill where the 4th tree snapped like the dried twig it was so i had to cut off the old stem, drill some holes to pin it. that was the top.

 at the base of the tree i had just over 12mm of foam to support the whole tree which was not nearly strong enough of a bond so i drilled 2 small holes in the bottom and pushed some paperclips into the foam through the holes. proper support :)
 just to be on the safe side i made sure it wasn't going to move or be moved with a 40mm base and some steel epoxy
 forested hill after it got some sand glued onto it and my little rock pile multi-level thing getting some more paint
 doesn't it look pretty?
 ok so now i've missed out on what was most likely an epic tank battle, sad panda time all round. cheering up was needed so i made a quick and dirty version of a lightbox to cheer myself up. still have no clue if i did it right or where you are supposed to mount lights but it kept me busy
 removable foil covered cardboard sections for when they get worn out and you want to replace them

 silly scouts got all excited and went to play on the rocks
 rocks scenery almost done, just in need of some sealing, a wee bit more drybrushing and some static grass / flock

Friday, 7 December 2012

Forest WIP Update 5

Slowly but surely fiddling most nights with making and finishing off bits of 40k scenery that i'm working on, last night decided to stick some trees into my little hill, make a little section of cobbled road going through the forest and started working on a pile of rocks that might end up looking decent :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Rock Scenery Part 3

tip i should have adhered to before all this is to make all your bases and the bits you're going to glue on there beforehand, but as i'm making all of this with bits and pieces scrounged from everywhere i sorta shot myself in the foot a bit and made more work for myself. i like to think of it as the scenic route approach to making terrain. so small update, pieces are taking shape, just need to slap on some more paint, do some drybrushing and glue some grassy bits on there and it should be done i hope