Sunday, 29 July 2012

Battle Report, Space Wolves vs. Tyranids

pitched battle deployment with killpoints objective, 5th ed 40k

space puppies, vs. tyranids. victory went to the wolves with 6 killpoints to 5

wolves list
wolf lord with thunderwolf, power fist, storm shield, runic armor, wolftooth neclace, etc ;)
3 x thunderwolf cav, 5 models, 2 storm shields, power fist, meltabomb
2 x grey hunters, 10 models, rhino, 2 melta, power weapon, mark of wulfen, banner

tyranid list
3 squads of yamgarl
6 sqauds of genestealers
2 trygons
1 tervigon?

wolves won the rolloff and decided for the bugs to go first
on seizing the initiative, players should be allowed to unseize the initiative, so on a roll of 6 you make your opponent go first. wouldn't that be cool?

turn 1 - bugs
all in reserve so nothing happens
turn 1 - wolves
this was a fun club game, though league, so i just moved my units around randomly a little

turn 2 - bugs
tervigon, and 3 sqauds of genestealers show up, tervigon back of bug table edge hiding and stealer sqauds outflanking from my left heading for the 2 thunderwolf sqauds  i had there. after some good and some bad run moves my one thunderwolf sqaud got charged by 2 stealer sqauds and they proceeded to beat the living snot out of them. 2 wounded wolves left that tried to break but thankfully got swept and so did not run off the table edge that was 2" away. 
turn 2 - wolves
thunderwoof 2 moves in to charge the stealer sqauds beating up on their buddies, rhinos and wolflords thunderwolves try and camp on a small hill in the middle of the table
killed only a couple of stealers but won combat, they lost another one or two due to fearless saves

turn 3 - bugs
some stealers arrive from outflank on my right flank, far away from the action. 2 yamgarls sqauds pop out of the hill i was trying to camp and the 2 trygons tunnel up from in front of same hill. last stealer sqaud from the left flank moves up to charge the big wolf/stealer combat. trygons try to tazer a rhino and some thunderwolves but nothing much happens. stealers on the left charge my thunderwolves and yamgarl charge wolflords thunderolf squad. lots and lots of dice get rolled. thunderwolf 1 wiped out and thunderwolf 2 reduced to about 3 wounded models. they try and break and yet again swept by stealers to keep them from running off the table. ironically in this game it's the first time i've had reason to be glad stealers are init 6. would have lost the game royally otherwise. back over on the hill of death the poor yamgarl squads found out the hard way how much not having frag grenades screw them over as by the end one lone yamgarl is left surrounded by thunderwolves who like this new version of whack-a-mole they invented. think one storm shield wolf and wolflord took a wound each from that. 
turn 3 - wolves
with 2 trygons right in front of me the wolves on my left is, well left to the wolves, as my 2 grey hunter sqauds jump out of their rhinos and move to come at one of the trygons from each side, the wolflord cursing the one lone yamgarl that has still has to be pulped and thus keeping him from the big bugs. 2 stormbolter,16 bolt pistol shots and 4 melta shots later and the trygon is down by 2 wounds only. nothing for it but to pop the banners on both sqauds and charge that big beasty. 6 grey hunters died to make that happen. 10 wulfen attacks, 6 power weapon and 48 normal attacks later and the trygon fails a final save and falls over ded :) lone yamgarl dies horribly and the thunderwolves on the left flank is reduced to 1 storm shield wolf that yet again tries to run but the kind kind stealers keep him in combat. 

turn 4 - bugs
some more yamgarl show up near the hill of contention and the last trygon moves up on the depleted grey hunter squad. yamgarl try to charge rhino on hill but fail to make it, trygon charges leftover grey hunters and mashes them to paste. 2 stealer squads still running from right side of table, eager to get something to eat. on my left the lone thunderwolf is surrounded by 15 geneastealers from 3 different sqauds and prepares to kiss his furry ass goodbye, so naturally he wins combat and 3 stealers are left ded. 
turn 4 - wolves
the remaining grey hunter squad moves left to engage the yamgarl and the wolflord and his pack move to engage the trygon. rhino 1 immobilised itself earlier trying to climb the hill and rhino 2 now does the same attempting to tank shock the yamgarl. charges happen, more dice get rolled. lone storm shield thunderolf finally dies, yamgarl and half of the grey hunter sqaud dies, trygon dies horrible but not before leaving each thunderwolf now with only 1 wound left. 

turn 5 - bugs
on my left stealer the small 2 man stealer squad moves to get a charge on the one rhino and the other 2 bigger sqauds descend on the weakened grey hunters. right side of table 1 stealer squad makes it to another rhino. rhino gets charged but nothing happens,other rhino goes boom killing to stealers, grey hunters get almost wiped out with only the wulfen guy remaining and he managed to pass his morale on 3 which he needed. phew!
turn 5 - wolves
wolflord and his mates descent on the remaining stealers and pretty much wipes them all out, leaving a very relieved wulfen guy standing there alive and kickin.

turn 6 - bugs
basically the last turn, a stealer squad moves up to charge the last rhino the other 2 stealers can't kill and it finally goes boom, killing one stealer from each squad
turn 6 - wolves
wolf lord splits off from the rest of his squad and moves towards the lone stealer as the rest of the wolves move  up on the other stealers. charges happen, all the stealers die horribly and game ends with the wolves being 1 killpoint up on the bugs. heck of a close game with lady luck initially kicking me in the nads repeatedly but then making it all better later on

highlight of the game - that one lone little thunderwolf dude beating 15 genestealers in combat. awesome!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Modular Gaming Table

problem with me is i have somewhat of a too short attention span when it comes to finishing off projects. i'm brilliant at jumping at starting a new project but then the enthusiasm slowly wanes and i'm left with lots of crud lying around half finished. so in that grand ol tradition, here is my next project, granted a wee bit of a longer term one, but it would be nice if i got it finished.

Project Modular Table
sounds easy right? divide the table up into a grid of your chosen size and make lots of small bits for your gaming puzzle. so i thought but my problem lies with what i've been playing on the last couple of years and what i'd like to play on in the next couple of years. warhammer 40k is now in it's 6th edition and with lots of new toys coming out and new rules to boggle the mind i figured i need a table that does it's best to encompass all of this whilst still being a fair gaming table. by fair i mean something with a variety of different scenery that provides a decent amount of cover in some places and little or nothing in others, and i decent mix of stuff in between. Add all these newfangled flying contraptions coming out and now i have to rethink my original modular table idea to also include the possibility of cover for flyers and troop cover from flyers. originally my only goal was to have a nice table where you could stick your stuff on, play a nice game of 40k, but also for it to have a great 3dimensional feel. Now a mate of mine basically got me thinking in that direction when i saw his one snowy mountain terrain table. really cool table, lots of ups and downs, and i wanted one for myself. then i remembered another table he did ages ago with trenches galore and that got the little hamster in my head running like mad on his wheel. cogs started turning, slowly, but turning. building a gaming table is like building a house, you gotta start with a good solid foundation. now i don't mean just having a decent backing for your terrain, my ideal table must have levels, and more levels, and then more levels. in the area where i live flat terrain is hard to come by. it's a naturally hilly place sloping up from the coast. eventually way way inland it all gets flat and dreadfully boring. like most gaming tables i've played on. most usual gaming tables i've seen consist of a flat board (or board sections) upon which terrain is placed and gaming is had. bringing me back to my mates board that had trenches. a gaming board should not just be all up and no downs. sure we've all seen some beautifull tables that have ups and downs but the major drawback of them is that they've been static. ditch X will always be here, large hill Y will always be there, etc. what i want is for a person to walk up to the blank board and take pieces of modular terrain and make his own puzzle. if he wants the one table half to rise above the battlefield and the other half to sink down low, he should be able to do that. hope i'm not strapping a ork rokkit to my newly constructed icarus wings here but i heard somewhere a saying that goes something like "reaching for the stars, you might never touch one but occasionally you might reach the moon" . so back onto levels and the foundation. so far i have provisionally settles on each modular tile consisting of 2 layers polystyrene (cos its cheap and easy to get) attached to a masonite sheet. each layer will be about 1" thick. thus allowing you the freedom to make nice trenches, rivers, etc but with the added benefit of  being able to go up up up and away also. as for size, again provisionally, i have decided on 36 tile sections (icarus syndrome again), each one 12" x 8". roughly the size of an a4 sheet of paper. a bit small you might think but since there will be 36 of them, you can combine a few for your bigger terrain pieces. and it's really not that small in the scheme of things. now added to this i've decided to assign a 1" outer border to each tile, as a guidline for me to only build a terrain feature inside the central area. so only a 10" x 6" terrain rectangle. this will allow for the table as a whole to hopefully not seem too crowded. most pieces of terrain like say a set of ruins used on gaming tables right now aren't really all that big, they are just mounted on bases that make them seem bigger, often we even classify the entire base as area terrain, thereby fixing it in our heads as bigger than what it is for the purposes of the actual size of the ruined walls and such. ok, enough waffling on for now, hopefully more soon as this progresses, pictures will happen to prove it happened :)