Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Forest WIP Update 4

alrighty, been a while since i posted, my computer decided to die on me a week ago so no internetz for me :(
to take my mind off that i've been reading my may through some 40k novels and fiddling with polystyrene. here is a bunch of photos to show the progress of my forest, which has now turned into a multi-level forested hill.ok so the trees are almost done, now to start fiddling with the base. 

as i've already spent a decent chunk of change on the many many packs of scouring pads i had to use to make the trees, i reached for some printer packing foam i have stored in a box, guarded by she who has no name, defender of the box and the reason why i can never again own something that doesn't have loose hair on it

i sketched a rough shape onto some scrap paper and then stuck it onto an old masonite clipboard i had lying around

using my dremel type tool i cut out the shape of the forests base

using a few pieces of about 1 inch thick foam i glued that to the base and cut off the excess

me starting to sketch where i want what to be on the hill


every little forest needs a path running through it :)

 cut down 2 small sections of the forest to make the base even more multi-level

marked out the positions of where the trees are going

cutting holes for the trees

 and there we have it, the base as it stands right now

Monday, 8 October 2012

Forest WIP update 3

finally got the 4th and last tree done and dusted, time to start working on the ground section