Saturday, 25 August 2012

Modular Terrain Table Update and MY FIRST TREE

whilst sorting out sources of the materials for my table a nagging doubt kept on pinging in the back of my head and last week it hit me. modular tables are a good idea but to my scale i think you will end up looking at a grid table, and that might detract a lot from the proposed awesomeness of the table. sigh, back to the drawing board. but this should not stop me making terrain at all, so to that cause, here is the first tree i ever made all by my lonesome :)

found the how to on terragenesis a while back, awesome stuff on that website

this tree will be the first of a bunch that will comprise my awesome forest of screw you los. this handy dandy forest will block line of sight from around 5" above the ground and up to roughly 12". for those bad boys who like to drive land raiders through forests you know. add in my proposed multi level forest idea i'm kicking around and i think you will have one awesome forest that not only looks good on the table, but is playable also. i will try my level best to make terrain that when someone picks it up they want to use it

Live Nova Open streaming, 11th company

 taken from the 11th company blog. these fellas do probably one of the best 40k podcasts currently out there

Next week, the 11th Company will be live video broadcasting the top tables at the Nova Open starting next week Thursday roughly at 4PM Eastern time.

We will have the players wear wireless mics, so you can hear their discussions during their game. We will have between game interviews with various attendees and guests, and have the channel open for players wanting to broadcast their game live before and after the tournaments during open gaming.

Please join us in the chat room while watching the broadcasts live Thursday August 30th - Sunday September 2nd, or catch the archived broadcasts after the event. We would greatly appreciate it if you shared the above information on your blog/podcast/forums or shared with your friends.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Chaos is COMING!!!!!!!

a little known fact has surfaced. the chaos codex was about to be scrapped due to lack of funding but luckily a sponsor was found in the nick of time. so to those who have been patiently waiting, go to your local shop and buy some Mountain Dew, the new drink of chaos!

Kabal of the Shadow Wolves WIP part 2

and here we have troop squad numero 1, with custom tau designed splinter rifles and custom necron designed blaster :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kabal of The Shadow Wolves WIP part 1

and here is my first squad of kabalite trueborn and their venom transport. they sport nice counts as weapons instead of the normal blaster gun and the venom has wing mounted splinter cannons

Magnetising Drop Pod Doors (how NOT to do it) Part 2

right, finally finished a rough draft of the assemblage with all the doors magnetised just to show the progress. later on i will start assembling the other drop pod bits with possible magnet options there also, hence me not having glued anything together yet. enjoy

Monday, 6 August 2012

Magnetising Drop Pod Doors (how NOT to do it) Part 1

so of course i find myself sitting in front of the computer planning to finally glue the arms onto my dark eldar when lazyness strikes and i decide to tackle a project i've been meaning to do for ages. did a bunch of googling in the past but never found a satisfactory way of doing it. i'm sure i just missed it, so no claiming to be original on my part, just what follows is how i went about it ...

basically all i will be using is a sharp craft knife, a small file, lots of 6mmx3mm rare earth magnets (there is no such thing as overkill) and some epoxy to set them nice and tight after i superglue them in.

and of course here is where reality came crashing down and i realised two things : this might not be the best way to go about it and dang i need smaller magnets. but since stubborn is a good thing in 40k i decided to push on through and try and make it work. unfortunely this now involved one heck of a lot of cutting down of the bottom drop pod sections, some small bit manufacoring and casting, lots of swearing and dirty looks from my cat.

lets start with the drop pod doors, as they are the easiest by far to do and the magnets are actually perfect in size for this. the first picture below shows the bits you need to cut off and/or trim down. note you are now cutting off the drop pods hinge pin, so if you're not sure about buggering up your new shiny drop pod, read everything and then decide. my dad always used to say, look 3 times, think 2 times and do once. the second pic below is how it should look after the trimming.

outside done, now lets dig around the inside :) in the first pic below is the unaltered drop pod door piece with little arrows marking the inner lip thinghy. don't worry it serves no practical purpose that i can see, except to keep the magnets from being nice and close to the edge. excise the little tumour and in the second pic below you can see where i've cut it out and the final pic below shows where i've already glued in 2 magnets.

right, for now the doors are as done as i would want them. do not glue them yet, there's making sure the magnets polarity match up with the magnets in the bottom hull, adding some epoxy/greenstuff to more firmly seat the magnets in case they decide to come loose, and finally we'll need to add a magnet to the top part of the door so it properly closes. moving on to the bottom hull sections

i won't lie, this part is pure make it up as i go along, required way too much carving of the hull sections and took up the most of the time spent doing things. pic 1 and 3 below shows how much i carved out when you compare it to the pristine parts. this was all in aid of being able to seat the magnets as high up and therefore close as possible to where they would align best to the magnets in the doors. at first i tried to place the magnets in each of the 5 points so they repulsed each other, thereby "pushing" them closer to the door magnets but this was just plain silly. as the magnets are too strong i had to finally make some resin plugs to put in each point (pic 2 below). not too much of a hassle but i could have achieved the same in much less time with a well cut section of leftover sprue i think. anycase, i went the long difficult route, and i couldn't find my 6 mm drillbit to add to my woes. finally all the nits are done, glued into place and now its just a matter of some (lots) of trimming of the resin bits to make the top part of the hull fit on the bottom part again. for now also i will not be gluing the top and bottom together, more magnets to come i hope.

end of part one for now, part 2 will start with a pic of where you should be after these steps