Saturday, 29 September 2012

Forest WIP update 2

finally got my bum into gear and finished off tree number 3, and included a space marine for scale ;)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Dark Eldar Baron Scratchbuild

hello all, up next is by far one of the best hq choices methinks in the dark eldar codex, baron Sucks-On-Eggs. no i can't be bothered to remember his proper name, my guy is called different. in 5th ed he was my one and only hq choice, in 6th i'm learning to love hemmies with liquifier guns, power axes and free pain tokens. My version of the mini deathstar is the baron leading my 20 man blob warrior squad with 3 attached hemmies for feel no pain, furious charge and fearless. Not the most awesome close combat unit, but with a total of 16 str 5 ap 3 attacks, 38 str 4 ap -attacks, 5 str 7 ap - attacks on the charge, it's at least respectable. and thats not even mentioning the 47 poison shots, 3d3 liquifier hits, blaster and shuriken pistol shot on overwatch. all twinlinked thanks to prescience. oh yeah did i forget the farseer tagging along for lols? evil lolz vibes i mean. so without further warbling, meet the baron ...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dark Eldar Blob Squad Done assembled and primed

been a while since i posted anything, been getting in a few games of 6th with my dark eldar and i'm really starting to like this unit so i did a few mods on it :)

and a closer look at the special weapons section, from left to right
blaster, splinter cannon, splinter cannon, power axe

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Forest WIP update

Finished my second tree and started work on megatree. Making trees is actually quite relaxing. After 2 done now and all the building mistakes that go with it i've made a start on the biggest tree i want in my "little" forest. Of course this forest will a bit on the weighty side and a paint to safely store so i might have to look at making the trees removable. it just won't look as nice though